Pathology and Molecular Genetics (P3-0054)

Research Programme

The Institute of Pathology takes part in the Pathology and Molecular Genetics research programme. In the last ten years, we have published 310 scientific articles in SCI indexed journals and more than 70 chapters in international monographs. 23 PhDs have been completed during this time.

Our main fields of research are:

  • carcinomas of the head and neck and precancerous lesions,
  • colon cancer and precancerous lesions,
  • chronic inflammatory bowel diseases,
  • kidney diseases and autoimmune system diseases: systemic lupus erythematosus, C1q nephropathy, Alport’s syndrome, vasculitis,
  • skin tumours and inflammatory skin diseases,
  • soft tissue and bone tumours,
  • tumours and chronic degenerative diseases of the eye,
  • neurodegenerative diseases (tauopathies, prion diseases) and brain tumours (medulloblastoma, meningioma, malignant gliomas).


We encourage applied research in order to improve diagnostics and patient care. We are open to collaboration with clinical departments and other research institutions. For further information please contact the head of research, Prof. Nina Zidar, or the heads of our diagnostic departments.

Head of Research
Prof. Nina Zidar, M.D, Ph.D. Pathologist 

T 01 543 7149